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Beer Archive

Producing on average over 3 new beers a week, we will slowly update this page with an archive of our most loved beers that can be ordered for venues or private events. 


Obama IPA (Approx 6.1%) Crammed full of citrusy American hops, this beautifully balanced Black IPA is an explosion of tropical stone fruit flavours with layers of sweet ginger, caramel & coffee. Australia's 1st commercially brewed Black IPA.

Obama Double IPA (Approx 8.5%)  The big brother of our Obama IPA brewed to celebrate Obama’s 2nd term of office.

Mosaic IPA (IBU’s 160. Approx 8.1%) Single hopped hop explosion showing off this new hop from the States. Grapefruit & pineapple abound in what is rapidly becoming our favourite USA hops.

Bayside Pale (approx 3.4%) Our amazing Session IPA. The body & flavour crammed into this mid strength beer is incredible. The perfect beer for summer.

Single Hop IPA Series (IBU’s 160 approx 8.1%) Following on from Mosaic, we have created single hopped Ipas using all our favourite flavour/aroma hops

Session IPA Single Hop Series (Approx 3.4%) Low alcohol IPA’s full of body & crammed full of hops, but only mid strength.

Hopilingus IPA (IBU’s 200. approx 7%) One of our hoppiest creations, approx 1.5kg of hops in every keg. The finest, most resiny, hops from the USA, NZ & Australia were blended to create this hop explosion.

Brown Eyed girl (approx 5.6%) American style Brown Ale. Big citrus hops balanced by malt with hints coffee & dark chocolate.

Pug IPA (approx 5.7%) American style IPA in the mould of Punk Ipa from Brewdog. Assertive bitterness with aromas/flavours of grapefruit, passionfruit & rock melon with hints of pine.

Fighting Falcon IPA (Approx 6.5%) This big American style IPA is crammed full of a single variety of hops called “Falconers Flight”. The aroma & flavour is an explosion of tropical stone fruit & citrus. The rich malt backbone balances the hop intensity perfectly.

Kracken IPA (approx 7%) Based on our Fighting Falcon IPA & infused with Kraken Rum – The blend is sublime.

Zythos IPA (approx 6.5%) This big American style India Pale Ale (IPA) is crammed full of a single propriety hop blend called “Zythos” (Meaning beer in Greek). The aroma is a heavenly mix of citrus & pine that follows into the flavour.

Domin8tor Maroon IPA (approx 8.0%) Huge hoppy, malty, fruity, maroon coloured IPA brewed to celebrate Qld’s 8 in a row victories in State-of-origin.

Bacchus London IPA (approx 6.7%)  Classic English IPA, crammed full of Goldings & Fuggles hops.

The Bollox – Double Black IPA (approx 8.3%) This beer came about after blending our Hopilingus IPA with our Double Obama at the bar – The resulting blend was “the bollox” (English slang for awesome), & hence the beer was born.

Imperial IPA’s & Barleywines

Cunning Ninja’s Imp IPA (approx 12%)  Dangerously sessional Imperial Black IPA. Intense aroma of piney citrus mixed with ginger nut & marmalade leads into similar flavours combined with a peppery spiciness. The finish is long & bitter1st Place & Silver Medal winner AIBA 2013 for Best Draught Imperial American IPA.

Red Bellied Black - Imperial Red Ale (approx 11.5%). Raise your glass to the light & this beer shows off it’s beautiful red underbelly. Intense tropical piny aromas lead into fruity tropical flavours with hints of honeydew melon & ginger. Dangerously sessionable, due to a unique subtle tartness derived from our secret spice ingredient. Beware it’s bite.

Death Star Imp IPA (12.3%). One of our strongest & hoppiest American style beers. Aroma & flavour of intense citrus fruit & peppery spice are in beautiful balance with the sweet malt, leading into a long & bitter citrus finish. Silver Medal winner AIBA 2014.

Session Beers - Pale Ales & Lagers

Queensland Ale (Approx 4.7%) Australian Ale using Qld ingredients. Macadamia Honey & Wattle seed. The aroma of passionfruit gives way to a subtle nutty, honey, taste with a dry spicy finish from the wattle. Champion Golden Ale Royal Qld Show 2012 & our biggest selling beer.

Nelson Pilsner (approx 4.9%) German Pilsner style with a late addition of Nelson Sauvin hops which give the beer a sauvignon type grape character.

Celtic Organic Heather Ale (approx 4.9%) Celtic red ale with organic heather tips, originally used throughout Ireland & Scotland before hops. Easy drinking nutty tasting ale with a nice floral aroma.

Bacchus APA (approx 4.8%) West coast style American Pale Ale, Citrus aromas & flavours balanced by a nice biscuity malt profile

Elderflower Abbey Ale (approx 4.4%) A light refreshing English Ale made with Elderflowers. The elderflowers give it a lovely floral aroma & unique taste.

Elderberry Golden ale (4.4%) English style Golden Ale infused with elderberries.

Bacchus Belgian Pale Ale (approx 5.2%) Subtle bubble-gum & spice aromas combine with rich bready malt flavours in this highly sessional ale.

Cougar Wit (approx 5.2%) A classic Belgian wheat beer, infused with coriander & orange zest. Served cloudy in the traditional manner, this spicy beer has a silky mouth feel with a slightly tart refreshing finish.

Kilbenny (approx4.6%) Classic Irish Red Ale. Rich malty, biscuity, roast, coffee flavours. In the style of Kilkenny but with much greater depth of flavour.

Juniper Berry Red Ale (approx 4.8%) Red Ale with Juniper Berries. Juniper berries are normally made into Gin, but they add a nice twist to an ale.

Bacchus Festival Mild. (approx 5.3%) Strong Dark Mild Sweet & fruity aroma. Strong in fruity flavours, black currants, raisin's, & raspberry, with bitterness & citric flavours in the finish. Recipe based on a 3 times winner of CAMRA “Winter Beer of Britain”.

Bacchus Jasmine Pilsner. (approx 5.2%) Japanese style Pilsner made with Jasmine rice & Jasmine flowers.

Moreton Bay Bitter (approx 3.4%) Classic English Bitter Bronze Medal winner AIBA 2014.

Bacchus Alt Beer (5.6%) Classic German Altbier, the beer has a big sweet malty start & finishes dry & bitter.

Nobgoblin (approx 4.7%) English Dark ale in the style of Hobgoblin.

Bacchus Kolsch (approx 4.5%) The palest premium German malt with German noble hops have created this beautiful light, malty session beer.

Bacchus Summer Ale (approx 4.5%) Easy drinking golden ale, made with mosaic & Cascade hops.

Hazelnut Brown (approx 4.7%) English Brown Ale made with Hazelnuts, rich & nutty.

Smoked Beers

Smokin’ Mountie (approx 6.0%) Our Canadian breakfast beer is a rich amber ale with a heady aroma & flavour of smoky bacon & maple Syrup. Made with beech wood smoked malt & the finest Maple Syrup.

Bacchus Bushfire (approx 6.2%) Smoked Rye Schwarzbier, smoky bacon in a glass.

Hock Stock & 2 Smokin Trotters (approx 6.6%) We set out to make a beer with the taste of smoked ham. We reckon we nailed it (vegetarian friendly)

Ryes of the Phoenix (approx 7.5%) Amazingly complex beer, made with 3 different rye malts, 3 different smoked malts, 100% Phoenix hops, spicy saison yeast & spiced with smoked peppers & chillies.

Smoked Porter (approx 6%) This combination of Cherrywood & Beechwood smoked malts have produced in our opinion one of the nicest smoked porters available anywhere.

Stouts, Porters & Black Lagers

Bacchus Oatmeal Stout (approx 6.0%) Rich, silky smooth, full bodied stout, this beer is a meal in a glass. Silver Medal AIBA 2012.

London Porter (approx 6.4%) Authentic 1700’s London porter. Smokey & slightly astringent. The depth of flavour is amazing.

Bacchus Schwarzbier (approx 5.2%) Silky smooth black lager with flavours of dark coffee & chocolate. A true favourite with men & women alike

Barrel Aged Beers + Sours

BlackAdder Scotch Ale (approx 7.6%). A black scotch ale aged in Octomore Whisky barrels to give it a subtle salty peatiness.

Tamira Porter – (Approx 7%) Porter infused with the finest coffee & chocolate & then aged for 6 months in Rum barrels. Think Tia Maria beer.

Atomic Strawberry (approx 2.3%) Approx 15kg of strawberries in this German Berliner Weisse. Tart & sour but so drinkable.

Dessert / Specialty Beers (Pale)

Kakadu Saison (approx 5.8%)  Saison with added fruits & spices of the Kakadu - Kakadu plum, wild rosella, Illawarra plum, quandong, mountain pepper, pepperberry, lemon myrtle, aniseed myrtle, forestberry herb, goji, acai cherry, mangosteen, blueberry, pomegranate, flax seed, cocoa bean extract, grape seed extract, barley grass, green tea, lecithin, pear juice & grape skin).

Bacchus White Chocolate Pilsner. (approx 4.9%) Spicy Czech Pilsner with flavour/aroma of white chocolate. Champion Specialty Beer Royal Qld Show 2012. 

Bacchus White Chocolate & Raspberry Pilsner. (approx 5.1%) Spicy Czech Pilsner with flavour/aroma of Raspberries & white chocolate. Fruit & chocolate in the mouth with a lovely tart raspberry finish. A truly amazing taste sensation. Champion Beer GABS 2013. 

American Pie (approx 4.5%) This lovely delicate ale has flavours of fresh apple strudel. Apple with pastry, vanilla & cinnamon spice – delicious.

Dessert / Specialty Beers (Dark)

Big Red (Cock Ale) (approx 6.2%) Scottish recipe from an ancient 1500’s text. An ale containing grapes, spiced with mace & infused with a whole chicken!!! Silver medal AIBA 2012.

Hatchet Harry Cock Ale (approx 9.6%) Imperial Black version of our Big Red (Cock Ale). Initially brewed for the launch of Sydney Craft Beer Week, to rave reviews.

Lamington Dark ale (approx 4.4%)  Flavours of light chocolate sponge & toasted coconut. Lamington cake in a glass, what more can we say...  Bronze Medal winner AIBA 2014

Lamington Raspberry Dark Ale (approx 4.4%) Flavours of light chocolate sponge, toasted coconut & raspberry. Lamington raspberry cake in a glass.

After Dinner Stout (approx 6.5%) Aroma & flavour of liquid after dinner mints, the perfect after dinner beer.

Persian Stout (approx 6%) An exotic creamy stout with aromas & flavours of Turkish Delight coated in dark chocolate.

Belgian Mocha Coffee Stout (approx 7.8%) Belgian Stout infused with chocolate, cacao & the finest cold steeped coffee. This beer is all about the coffee.

Maple Coffee Stout – (approx 7.8%) Our Belgian Stout brewed twice as bitter, then infused with the finest cold steeped coffee & then back sweetened with maple syrup. A match made in heaven 

Bacchus Double Chocolate Stout. (6.0%) Our AIBA silver medal Oatmeal Stout infused twice (in the boil & again in the cask) with the finest cacao & chocolate.

Fruit “n” Nut Stout (approx 7.3%) Rich chocolate stout with the classic Cadbury’s fruit “n” nut taste 

Snickers Amber Ale (Approx 5.5%) Amber Ale with the aroma & flavour of a Snickers Bar. Chocolate, Peanuts & Caramel. 

Ferro Rocher Amber Ale (Approx 5.7%) Amber ale with the aroma & flavour of Ferro Rocher. Chocolate, hazelnuts

Sex Drugs & Rocky Road (Approx 8.6%)  Imperial version of Yummy Mummy, an Amber Ale with aromas & taste of Darrell Lea’s Rocky Road – Chocolate, peanuts, hazelnuts, marshmallow, cherries, Turkish delight combine in this delicious & unique ale. Gold Medal winner AIBA 2014 & runner up Champion Beer GABS 2014

Baccuccino (Approx 6%) Cappuccino flavoured white stout. Dispensed on nitro & sprinkled with chocolate. The creamy chocolate coated head lasts till the end of the glass.

Coconut Porter (approx 6.5%) Our London Porter dry nutted with oven toasted coconut.

Oyster Stout (approx 6%) Our Oatmeal stout with fresh smoked Moreton Bay oysters.

Bacchus on the Bounty (approx 4.4%) Dark ale with the aroma and taste of a Bounty  Bar. Chocolate & Coconut.