Falklands IPA

Ross Kenrick @ 2015-11-13 15:56:31 +1000

Brewer spotlight – Andrew Gowdie.

Before joining the team at Bacchus I was fortunate enough to spend some time in the Falklands and get to know the fiercely patriotic inhabitants of this windswept and starkly beautiful gateway to the Antarctic. Penguin colonies are situated minutes from the Capital Stanley and seals take rest on the jetties in town. The smell of salt spray in the air reminds you to lean into the wind which is relentless.

It’s a place where you throw yourself into the community. Whether looking after the local wildlife, joining the Fire & Rescue Service, or playing first drop for the National Cricket team, it’s all hands in. No talk of the sovereign claims of the mob across the ditch will be brooked in this place. The Union Jack flies snapping from every conceivable staff, building and vehicle. The people speak with English accents and nationalistic fervour.

All this creates a thirst, and the local brewery, (which is about the scale of our large kettle), produces cask conditioned ales providing a welcome alternative to the ubiquitous cartons of Bud. No need for refrigeration here. House guests will drop their beers at the front step to keep them cold before heading inside for the festivities.

Our tip of the hat to this tiny nation was conceived on the occasion of the G20 Summit in Brisbane and was named tongue in cheek for the Argentine delegation. Such a beer was always going to be an English IPA. Constructed on a typical English malt base and featuring Target and Challenger hops this beer has all the characteristics of the village that is a nation. Robust, flavourful, and sporting a level of bitterness which acknowledges the 1982 conflict, Falklands IPA should be available back in bottles shortly from the brewery.