INT IPA DAY ~ Mixed 6Pk


International IPA Day ~ Mixed 6 Pack ($50). Massive 27% OFF. $69 value, Save $19 per 6Pk.

An AMAZING mix of IPA's - THIS SPECIAL 6 PACK DEAL is here for a very limited time.

Celebrating International IPA Day (4th August) This mixed 6Pk consists of 1 each: Pug IPA (6.3%), Double Tie PA (8.8%), You Had me at NZ Hops (9.1%), Hop Envy (10.7%), Saberstaff (10.4%) & KSour JAF (7.1%).

PLEASE NOTE: Each pack consists of 6 cans, so purchase 2+ packs or add another 6+ cans to qualify for the 12+ can FREE DELIVERY. 

Wholesale discounts will not apply to this item.